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Frequently Asked Questions

Who belongs to the MSACP? 


Our membership is inclusive and very diverse! Members include “lightly-seasoned” new spouses to “well-seasoned” spouses of all ranks either active duty and retired service members!

Why join? 

The MSACP has a long-standing tradition of support and camaraderie. If you are looking for connections to people with similar life experiences to your own, ways to serve your community, and some hilarious events and get-togethers, why would you NOT join?

How much does it cost and where does my money go? 


The annual membership fee is $35. Starting January 1, a half-year membership is offered for $20. Membership dues simply keep the club up and running.  Dues pay for our website, postage/copying/printing, payment processing fees and our post office box.  Events are self-sustaining--the tickets costs cover the event expenses. Once a year, we hold a major fundraiser, the Margaritaville Benefit & Auction, that supports the MSACP's Military Dependent Scholarship Program and Community Enrichment Grant Program.


What if I have more questions?


Please click on the contact us link below and get in touch with us today!

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